BASF Backs Launch Of First AAAAA Certified Standing Study Luminaire By Panasonic
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Shanghai, China – BASF’s innovative coatings product has supported the development of Panasonic “SHIYUE” study luminaire. This luminaire uses BASF’s optical film product NovaFlex GlareControl, and has become one of the first standing study luminaire products in China certified with the highest AAAAA performance level.

Recognising the increasing importance of eye health among consumers, BASF has developed and launched the NovaFlex optical film products. These are based on the innovative FunTex technology, enabling the production of micro-structured films using a roll-to-roll process. NovaFlex GlareControl incorporates millions of micro lenses that control the direction of light. Compared to luminaires without anti-glare technology, the Panasonic solution equipped with BASF’s optical film reduces more than 50 percent of light emitting towards users’ eyes. This achievement allows the luminaire to meet the requirements of the highest AAAAA performance level, creating a comfortable and healthy lighting environment.

“BASF’s optical film products will play an important role in the lighting industry. Panasonic looks forward to working with BASF to innovate together in the fields of health and green lighting, and create a better life for consumers," said Zhao Zhenyu, head of Panasonic Lighting Space Division.

“Panasonic’s launch of a luminaire equipped with BASF’s product marks an important milestone as we enter the Asian market with our optical films. Panasonic as a well-known consumer brand is a strong reference for our activities in the lighting industry,” says Martin Friedrich, Head of Optical Films at BASF.