LITE Partners With Nordic Power Convertors To Distribute The Innovative Invitrack
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Leading LED lighting solutions provider LITE and Nordic Power Convertors have announced the forging of a groundbreaking partnership that is set to expand the horizons of the lighting sector.

Together, the two market-leading companies are launching the revolutionary InviTrack – an invisible track driver – to the UK market. This new technology has the capability to transform lighting design possibilities, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality. InviTrack drivers hide entirely in the track, allowing for new and innovative luminaire design ideas.

The InviTrack has been manufactured by the Danish LED lighting experts Nordic Power Convertors and will be distributed exclusively in the UK by NPC-UK (Part of Lite Group). 

High-end track lights are becoming increasingly important in design-led projects such as upmarket retail stores. By using the InviTrack, high-end luminaires can be fully showcased on a track system without the worry of an LED driver and track adaptor being visible or interrupting clean and flowing lines.

The hidden driver has the ability to create a high-end look and aesthetic, with a minimalist design for track lights. Adding to its appeal, as well as fitting into different track models, the driver is available in three stylish colours – white, black and grey. This allows the driver to blend into existing décor.

InviTrack is certified to carry luminaires weighing up to 1.5kg per driver. This adds to its flexibility and versatility for a range of applications. InviTrack is also designed to allow luminaires to rotate near to 360° so they can be positioned where needed.

Durability and longevity have also been factored into the design of InviTrack. Overheating is a risk to the lifetime of any LED driver; to combat this, InviTrack Dali has a T (case) max of 85°C, increasing the lifetime and overall reliability of the solution.

Being flicker-free is also an important factor in producing good quality light that aids in improved health and safety of those working or spending time in the surrounding environment. This is a particular benefit in retail settings, as consumers are more likely to linger and move to purchase in a welcoming and comfortable lit environment rather than one with poor light quality.

NPC-UK Managing Director Paul Barnes said: “The InviTrack from Nordic Power Convertors is a revolutionary idea. We’re thrilled that LITE has become their partner of choice to promote this outstanding solution. It’s a truly exciting opportunity for LITE, Nordic Power Convertors and the lighting sector.”