Professional outdoor lighting: new products in 2023 from Linea Light Group
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The I-LèD Professional collection boasts complete and co-ordinated programmes for professional outdoor LED illumination to enhance the urban lighting landscape, respecting the continuity between architecture, passageways and landscapes. Outdoor lighting products such as pole and post heads, immersion lamps, floodlights and linear components are the ideal solution for satisfying all requirements of a complete lighting project.


The first major innovation is the D-Wave solution, as the first flexible two-axis lighting system. D-Wave is the new frontier in linear outdoor signage. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the fully-recyclable composite material, it can be adapted to any perimeter, even the most complex and sinuous. For this reason, D-Wave is the system with the greatest flexibility and adaptability available on the market!


The second innovation is Buzzer, the bollard (or stake) designed to illuminate pedestrian or vehicular pathways along with contemporary landscape projects. The light source, positioned completely under the head, gives Buzzer a very high degree of anti-glare visual comfort and homogeneous light distribution. Buzzer revolutionises the concept of visual comfort with an enveloping, shadow-free light. Indeed, its glare is extremely low, boasting extraordinarily powerful illumination.


The third revolution is Cubit, a simple luminaire that becomes the star of your lighting project thanks to its extremely clean aesthetics. Formal simplicity conceals sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology in terms of lighting, optics and performance. The various combinations envisaged offer the designer a wide range to work with, playing with symmetries and apertures. The name “Cubit” is the Piedmontese word for traditional perched houses with characteristic ‘cubed’ architecture. For wall installations, Cubit is able narrate a location by emphasising the distinctive architectural facets of a building or can transform an urban landscape by adding luminous markings or patterns on vertical surfaces.