Smartvet Veterinary Clinic in Bydgoszcz has invested in multifunctional LED lighting from Lena Lighting
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Poland – The lighting of veterinary clinics, where treatments are often made on small, lively animals, requires a special approach. Modern lighting solutions ensure, among other things, that surfaces can be sterilised using UV-C technology. Lighting can also be used to create an atmosphere, positively influencing the emotions of visitors to the facility. This type of solution was used at the Smartvet clinic in Bydgoszcz.

Perfectly fitting, energy-efficient lighting is an indispensable piece of equipment in a modern veterinary clinic. Light sources in the form of new-generation LED modules not only help to reduce electricity consumption, but also provide excellent visibility, which is essential in the clinic’s day-to-day work.

However, a veterinary clinic should not only guarantee safety and comfort, but also create an appropriate atmosphere. Often visits here are accompanied by high levels of stress caused by the illness of a beloved pet. In some rooms, it is the light that can have a positive effect on calming emotions. It is also important to influence the overall impression of visitors to the facility. Modern lighting design and the choice of lamps with a distinctive design make a significant difference to the image of the space. In the case of the Smartvet clinic in Bydgoszcz, the Solanto and Baris LED luminares were chosen to give the space character and at the same time provide pleasant, comforting light.

In contrast, in surgeries where various types of surgery or major operations are carried out, luminaires characterised by high luminous efficacy and energy efficiency, such as Terra 2 LED and Compact LED EVO, were used.

In medical facilities, the sterility of rooms and instruments is an equally important issue. This is why veterinary clinics are increasingly using complex lighting systems that combine lighting functions with surface sterilisation. This innovative solution has just been used by the Smartvet clinic, which, in addition to highly energy-efficient LED fittings, has invested in Sterilon Square UV-C luminares from Lena Lighting. These products are based on ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) to remove viruses and bacteria from the environment.

“The Smartvet clinic has invested in energy-saving lighting based on new-generation LED module technology. These luminares have a high luminous efficiency with low electricity consumption and present a distinctive design. The entire facility has been designed with great taste, and the perfectly chosen light colour makes it extremely pleasant to stay in. In addition, our dual-purpose Sterilon Square have been installed in the clinic, which, in addition to providing lighting, provide extremely effective surface sterilisation. Customers can therefore be sure that the Smartvet clinic’s approach to cleanliness and animal safety is innovative and above-standard,” says Lukasz Drewka, Investment Director at Lena Lighting.