Synapse Wireless joins the Zhaga Consortium and launches Zhaga Controllers for intelligent LED luminaire control
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Piscataway, New Jersey, USA – Synapse Wireless, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) company and a member of the McWane family of companies, has become a Regular Member of the Zhaga Consortium.

Synapse creates a single platform that enables affordable, scalable, easy-to-use networked wireless lighting control solutions that help companies reveal and reduce energy waste. The company recently expanded its integration path for LED Luminaires with the launch of the ZHA-S1 Twist Lock Zhaga Controller.

“The Zhaga Consortium is very pleased to be joined by Synapse Wireless,” states Dee Denteneer, Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium. “We are a global lighting-industry organisation with the purpose to enable new markets for connected and serviceable lighting through interoperability. Zhaga specifications like the Zhaga Books 18 and 20 enable smart cities and smart buildings by creating a platform that connects luminaires, drivers, control & communication devices and sensor input nodes. The source of inspiration for market needs is our global membership. We are convinced that through its membership, Synapse Wireless will contribute significantly to Zhaga’s work addressing comprehensively new growth areas in IoT and the service economy.” 

The recently launched Zhaga Controller (ZHA-S1) is a field installable controller that provides wireless lighting control of LED fixtures that utilise D4i Certified LED Drivers and standard Zhaga connectors. OEM LED Luminaire Manufacturers can use the Zhaga Controller to quickly install an intelligent solution that meets energy requirements for lighting controls in both indoor and outdoor applications.

“We are pleased to join the Zhaga organization to further the benefits of ease of installation and faster time to market,” stated Michael Davidson, Solution Engineer for Synapse Wireless. "The Zhaga and Synapse partnership strengthens cost saving potential and provides our customers with the flexibility needed to pursue the high growth market of wireless networked lighting controls for today and into the future."

Because the Zhaga Controller integrates with the Synapse SimplySnap platform it allows additional control and insights beyond standardisation and energy consumption. The SimplySnap solution integrates all controls and sensors to provide insights which can drive facility teams to normalize energy goals, optimise productivity, and enhance profitability across facilities.