Zumtobel ensures reliable lighting for Schweizer Zucker AG
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During the modernisation of the Schweizer Zucker AG factory in Aarberg it became clear that the new lighting had be weather-resistant, robust and versatile. These are properties that characterise TUBILUX from Zumtobel and made it the perfect lighting solution for the sugar manufacturer’s busy outdoor area.

For more than a hundred years, Schweizer Zucker AG has been associated with sugar refinement. The company processes more than 1.7 million tonnes of sugar beets per year, producing up to 300,000 tonnes of refined sugar. To be able to guarantee effective processing under the best lighting conditions in the future, the lighting concept in the Aarberg factory was revised. The focus was to be on the wet unloader. In this part of the outdoor area the sugar beets are unloaded and simultaneously cleaned with the help of 4,000 m³ of water per hour. In the project design, TUBILUX proved to be the ideal solution for these unique and challenging conditions.

Tubular luminaires for demanding conditions: TUBILUX from Zumtobel

Truly an all-rounder, TUBILUX meets all the challenges in the Aarberg factory masterfully. Its round shape is its trademark. This is essential to its resistance and makes it less prone to weaknesses. It is well protected against mechanical loads and undesired ingress of moisture – perfect requirements for an environment in which splashes and dirt are the prevalent standard.

In comparison to other wet luminaires, the new lighting solution installed by Zumtobel offers many advantages: The shock-resistant housing of satin PMMA, which has a degree of protection against impact of IK08, makes the luminaire particularly hard-wearing and it can easily withstand the UV radiation outside as well as the moist conditions. The polyamide end caps used reinforce these properties. Its temperature tolerance of minus 20°C to plus 35°C makes it ideal for this outdoor area.

The tubular luminaire can be fitted without tools. This saves time and installation costs and enables immediate commissioning. The amount of effort required for maintenance is also significantly reduced. The luminaires in Schweizer Zucker AG’s wet unloader area were prone to damage, not only due to the plastic used, but also due to the outdated technology. With TUBILUX, a modern LED technology is used in colour temperatures of 3000 and 4000 Kelvin as standard. The luminaires have a life time of up to 80,000 hours and do not need to be maintained or replaced as often. This saves both costs and resources.