Human-centric, IoT lighting on display at Light Middle East 2021
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Dubai, UAE – As the world cautiously adapts to a new way of living post-pandemic, lighting manufacturers are promoting the benefits of human-centric lighting and UVC (ultraviolet C) LEDs that can disinfect surfaces in less than a minute and kill up to 99.9 percent of germs – including covid-19.

While ultraviolet light has been used to sterilise and disinfect medical equipment for years, its efficacy has recently come to the fore, with LEDs now in the advantageous position to become the control hub that seamlessly brings together technologies that enrich human lives.

And whether working from home or in the office, the pandemic has shined the spotlight on another important topic: how human-centric lighting – the use of artificial light to imitate natural light to create a circadian rhythm – greatly benefits human health and physiology. 

Exhibitors at the upcoming Light Middle East trade fair in Dubai will be out in force to showcase how advanced solid-state lighting (SSL) systems, LED and IoT lighting is not only more sustainable and better for the environment, but also better for human health.

The three-day event, now in its 15th edition, will take place from 28-30th September 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and will feature around 100 exhibitors from 23 countries.

UAE-based Elettrico Lighting is among these, with General Manager Mohammed Khalil adamant that SSL – lighting that uses semiconductor LEDs, organic LEDs, or polymer LEDs as sources of illumination rather than electrical filaments, plasma, or gas – can provide more amicable and productive human-centric lighting.

Mr. Khalil also said the global pandemic has opened up a new opportunity that has so far been intensely discussed but scarcely implemented: healthcare lighting.

“The onset of covid-19 triggered researchers across the globe to develop an ultraviolet LED solution to disinfect and sterilize hospital beds, floors, or surfaces that could keep the virus active,” said Mr. Khalil.

Dharmendra Patel, Managing Director of Creation Gulf, a Dubai-based lighting consultant and distributor, and regular Light Middle East exhibitor, believes the rapid adoption of IoT in lighting will be a main benefactor of this development.

“IoT is most definitely the future”, said Mr. Patel.  “Like most of our manufacturing partners, we do believe over time anything that can be connected, will be connected. Furthermore, IoT would also enable remote management and access which would further make lives easy for the clients and operators.”

Mr. Patel added that while human centric lighting was traditionally applied to the workplace, the onset of ‘working from home’ meant it was now relevant at home, outdoors, or anywhere people congregate.

Light Middle East is the region’s premier exhibition, awards programme, and conference for lighting, design and technology.  This year will see the largest ever German Pavilion in 15 years, alongside other exhibiting countries such as Belarus, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and Spain, the USA, and of course, the UAE.

The annual showcase is organised by Messe Frankfurt Middle East, and returns with the 8th edition of the popular Light Middle East Awards, along with the three-day THINKLIGHT conference addressing the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in architectural lighting design in a post-pandemic world.

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