Case Study: ERCO Project: Arup Office, Sydney
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Working from home has become the standard – at least for now. Yet the days of "classic" office work are not over. Human nature calls for interaction, communication and collaboration. Rooms and spaces have to function, people need freedom of movement, and surroundings that welcome and inspire them.                                                                                                                

Jadecross, ERCO Lighting Channel Partner in Sydney Australia, was given the brief to make the shared spaces in Arup’s regional office ‘work’. Ambient lighting is introduced via wallwashing, bringing out the warm wood panel tones and reflecting light into the space. Minimum light delivers maximum benefit by placing the focus squarely where eyes are levelled. The space is bright, and free of glare and shadows.         

Strong accents draw attention to key spaces. Uplighting from hi-trac tracks adds to the ambient backdrop, whilst Parscan, Pantrac and Oseris in-track luminaires are focused toward work surfaces, artwork, plants and dedicated collaborative zones. A final touch? Recessed Compar luminaires make practical sense in corridors: oval flood beams keep costs down because the fittings can be optimally spaced. Back to work? Yes please!


Client: Arup, Sydney / Australia

Electrical Planning: Arup, Sydney / Australia

Lighting Design: Arup, Sydney / Australia

Channel Partner: Jadecross Lighting, Sydney /Australia

Photography: Jackie Chan, Sydney / Australia