Historic Milestone as Pulsar Factory LED Installation Reaches 100,000 Hours of Operation
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Pulsar moved into its present premises in the latter part of 2002. It was also at this point we installed our LED lighting on the front of the building, confident in its reliability, longevity, and durability. 12 ChromaPanels were installed on the South-facing front of the factory building in May 2003 and have been running 24/7 ever since, with an additional 21 metres of ChromaStrip 2 installed the following year.

Fast forward to today and the original ChromaPanels printed with the Pulsar name have clocked an impressive 11 years 5 months of continuous activity - actually surpassing 100,000 hours! This real-world industry first is proof of LED's amazing longevity and also of Pulsar’s dedication to making the highest quality LED lighting fixtures on the market.

Braving all that the Great British weather has to throw at them, the fixtures have endured some of the wettest and hottest years in recent history as well as snow, ice, hail, fog, wind, and all weather in between for the past decade.

“This is a real milestone for us at Pulsar,” explained Pulsar’s CEO Brian Pohl, “It’s a real testament to our design and manufacturing teams’ guiding principles: Quality, Durability and Reliability. We’re also proud to refer to an installation with over 100,000 hours when our customers ask about Pulsar’s product lifetime. As far as we’re aware there aren’t any similar examples, particularly when many installations would have been stripped out and re-fitted many times over the years.”
Company records put the installation in May of 2003, when we hired a cherry picker to install the products on the front of the factory – a date confirmed by a recent serial number check. (Pulsar’s outstanding factory team keeps records of serial numbers and product information dating all the way back to the company’s founding in the 1970s!)

And what next? Pulsar’s Dave Cowan answers: ”We’re tempted to just keep them up there to see how long they last! But there's also the option of taking them down and comparing their current condition with our published product specification from 2003.”

Cowan also added that this example of longevity is a key benefit when demonstrating and explaining Pulsar’s products to clients. “Being able to say we have been around since 1970 and that our factory lighting installation has been running without issue for 100,000 hours is really important to our customers – especially those who may have been exposed to lower quality equipment in the past which needed replacing within months. The last thing you need when you’re operating a skyscraper is taking lights down so soon after installation – and obviously we’re very happy to report we have some extremely satisfied customers in really quite challenging climates.