Restroom Remedies: Kon Sanitary Introduce Deodorizing Floor Drain Equipment
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To remove odors from floor drains, is there a longer-lasting solution than pouring water down the drain every couple of days? Now, KON has the solution for customers with their Deodorizing Floor Drain Equipment – which is self-cleaning , durable, non-blocking, drain quickly!

In order to overcome the disadvantages of shallow water seal, KON has heightening the seal to 70mm, because they found out that when the higher level of the water in the pipe, the more water could be retain and not easy to dry, and the seal will be closed more stringent, indirectly further improve on the deodorant effects. The R&D team of KON had the experiment by using Quartz sand. The outcome is that the sand can be washed out easily, indicates that deep water flow quickly without clogged. In general floor drain, the deeper the water seal, the bigger the hair goo and impurities attachment area as sewage itself contains many impurities clay. It hanging in the water in the bottom of the curved stick and thus unable to clean up. After a while, it will cause more and more narrow passage over the water, and ended up with poor drainage. With KON, the problem has been solved.

They extended the length of water core, and design the bottom of the pipe become U-shape. Therefore, when the water reaches the lower through the water pipe at the bottom of the core, U-shaped pipe under bottom water will swirl the remaining impurities by discharging outlet.