NOW and FOREVER, AXOR x Philippe Starck 30th Anniversary: Creating Design Icons Since 1994
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Part One: Beginning

In 2024, AXOR, the design brand for bathrooms and kitchens, celebrates the 30th anniversary of its partnership with legendary designer Philippe Starck. To witness this momentous occasion, AXOR and Philippe Starck, invited designers and media to celebrate this occasion together at the Hansgrohe Innovation Parc on March 26.

Part Two: Looking back on 30 years of collaboration

As one of the world’s leading designers, Philippe Starck has been producing great design objects since the 1980s. AXOR has always been adhering to the brand spirit of "From Personalities, For Personalities", and is committed to creating luxurious kitchen and bathroom spaces with aesthetic power and personalized customization, which is a perfect match for Starck’s ideas.

Philippe Starck and AXOR have worked together extensively on bathroom design over the previous thirty years, producing numerous pieces that are both technologically and aesthetically innovative:

- 1994, the first modern bathroom at Salon d’eau, with AXOR Starck collection

- 2012, AXOR Starck Organic

- 2014, AXOR Starck V

- 2023, AXOR ShowerComposition

- 2023, AXOR Suite Basins & Bathtub

Part Three: The Celebration at Innovation Parc

Since 1994, AXOR and Starck have enjoyed one of the most remarkable design and engineering partnerships. Anniversary celebrations kicked off on March 6-7 in Starck’s hometown of Paris. On the other side of the world, his products are enjoying great popularity, especially in China and the Asia-Pacific market.

A Stark bathroom themed space with an aesthetic twist was created for the celebration, in addition to giving the Hansgrohe Innovation Parc a special make-over.

Part Four: Details of the event on 26th March

Nearly 80 designers and media representatives joined the event, and Mr. Olivier Sogno, the Vice President Business Unit AXOR and Vice President Corporate Marketing Hansgrohe SE, engaged in a dialogue with Mr. Starck, reviewing the classic designs created over the past 30 years.

Starck elaborated that his collaboration with AXOR has been like family from the very beginning, and they worked together with the same respect and appreciatiaon for water.

Starck said, "Designers have the dual responsibility of meeting the utility of a product, and then using their own imagination and creativity to achieve a balance between utility and aesthetics."

Part Five: 30th anniversary and looking forward to the future

With ultimate simplicity and deep respect for the water, AXOR and Starck have collaborated extensively for thirty years. In the future, Philippe Starck and AXOR are going to create more engrossing designs.