Milan Design Week 2024 Special Review: SieMatic
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On the occasion of the Milan Design Week (15-21 April 2024), SieMatic presented the new SieMatic S2 Next Generation kitchen, the latest generation of the iconic handleless classic SieMatic SL: with new compositions, colours and materials, enhanced by unexpected functional and design elements such as SieMatic SecretSpace, SieMatic SecretService and SieMatic SecretSlide.

In its Milan flagship store, SieMatic Monte Santo, the German company producing premium and luxury kitchens always synonymous with the forefront of the sector, once again revealed its innovative, stimulating and fascinating essence through numerous new products designed to surprise and inspire kitchen professionals and designers.

In the new SieMatic S2 Next Generation, every detail tells a story of astonishing beauty, functional marvels and meticulous craftsmanship. Closed cabinets are transformed into decorative open systems with a simple touch, hobs are concealed by sliding worktops, appliances and entire kitchen areas are hidden behind folding sliding doors.

New technologies
SieMatic SecretSpace is available in a column version or integrated in the island. Thanks to the revolutionary translational rotation, the free-standing is transformed into a daily-use system with shelves for storing decorative furniture items. The extremely precise mechanism guarantees the maximum fluidity and absence of vibrations.

SieMatic SecretService is a drawer with a Push2Open opening concealed in the flat, recessed groove of the S2, allowing you to extend the space available for storing flat, slender items such as knife sets or smartphones and tablets. The drawer can be fitted with knife holders or magnetic dividers in Smoked Chestnut and Light Oak to match SieMatic and MultiMatic interiors.

SieMatic SecretSlide, is a work top in natural Taj Mahal which, thanks to an extremely precise and fluid sliding mechanism opens revealing a second level on which a cook top or sink with lowered faucet can be placed. When pulled out from both sides, the work tops lock into place and can be used with chairs or stools as places to sit or as more spacious work surfaces.

Inspiring people with innovating and intriguing kitchen concepts is part of the SieMatic identity. With the new S2 Next Generation, SieMatic has made the timeless classic of a no-handle kitchen even more welcoming, allowing it to integrate even better into the living space.

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