Canova Unveils Fortunia, A Disruptive Kitchen Design
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New York – Canova’s Fortunia kitchen actively questions the traditional design rules of daily living and opens up new avenues for creative expression. Drawing inspiration from a unique natural stone found in Mali, this innovative project features striking acid green intrusions that contrast beautifully against a chromatic base ranging from white to light gray. Its composition involves three bespoke pieces that offer comfortability and convenience to the user: two tall units for access to appliances and storage, and an ample island that works as a beautiful but very functional action station.

One of the most distinctive features of the Fortunia project is its "Iceberg" island shape, which not only transforms the space it occupies but also defies conventional kitchen design norms. This bold and daring design element embodies a deep relationship with space, seeking to explore expressive forms and redefine the way we experience interior environments.

In addition to the striking island, a wall-mounted suspended unit is another design element that exemplifies the connection between the kitchen and adjacent living spaces, creating a symbiotic connotation that characterises contemporary living. This unit offers a sleek and modern look that seamlessly blends the kitchen and living spaces, making it perfect for those who value style and functionality.

Overall, the Fortunia project is a work of art that pushes the boundaries of modern kitchen design. Its vibrant colours and bold shapes are sure to capture attention and inspire creativity, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to break free from convention and create a truly unique kitchen space.