Wood-Fired Bathing is Making a Comeback
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Inspired by Japanese bathing culture and immersive outdoor experiences, Canadian company GOODLAND sees a surge in demand for authentic bathing and connections with nature.

GOODLAND, a new brand dedicated to creating design-forward immersive outdoor living products, has exceeded the sales predictions for its first offering — a Wood Burning Hot Tub — by a mile, and shipped hundreds of tubs far and wide across North America, demonstrating growing interest in slow-living and wood-fired bathing culture. Originally, Pearce expected to only sell a few dozen a year, but the interest hugely exceeded expectations — showing the need for outdoor objects that are simultaneously beautiful, connect us to nature, and designed with the planet in mind. Beyond simply a product, GOODLAND is genuinely experiential — it’s a moment to pause, not just a hot tub. 

Founded by furniture maker and designer Craig Pearce, GOODLAND creates well-designed, minimalist products to reconnect with nature, whether in the middle of the city or the middle of the forest. The Wood Burning Hot Tub is only the first in a series of upcoming products, each designed to promote everyday rituals and the simple act of slowing down outdoors. 

“It’s so exciting to see the growth of GOODLAND. Two years ago it was just a wild idea, and the reception we’ve received has blown us away, truly,” explains GOODLAND Founder Craig Pearce. “Not only are people buying tubs but customers are claiming it has changed their lives — it’s like we’re building a community of authentic bathing fanatics, and I love it. It’s been an exciting time and a challenge for our small team, but we’re all here putting in the work with a smile on our faces.”

The Wood Burning Hot Tub sits in stark contrast to conventional hot tubs — like those made from non-recyclable materials and focuses on high-tech convenience, LEDs, loud jets, and complex mixtures of chemicals just to stay sanitary. Instead, GOODLAND’s Wood Burning Hot Tub invites a more immersive process. The soaking tub is made entirely from recyclable materials — like aluminum, western red cedar, and oak — and crafted in Canada. The Wood Burning Hot Tub is an inviting way to enjoy your outdoor space when the weather gets colder, too, and can even be used as a cold plunge when temperatures rise up. 

From the ritual of slowly making a cup of coffee in the morning to disconnecting from devices, GOODLAND is part of a growing movement that celebrates the beauty of slowness, rather than grasping at instant gratification. In an era where technology is part of virtually every experience, GOODLAND encourages analog moments. Intentional design is also paramount. The Wood Burning Hot Tub has become a feature at notable design-forward properties like Arro Dunes in Joshua Tree, or Doah House in Virginia’s Blue Mountains.

Technical sheet

Wood Burning Hot Tub

Aluminum, Cedar & Brass Details

92" x 37"

About Goodland

Launched in the fall of 2021, Goodland is a brand of premium and immersive outdoor living products. Focusing on thoughtful design, minimalism, and quality materials, each product in Goodland’s line is dedicated to fostering harmony between people and place. Goodland emphasizes the art of pause — creating well-designed objects that give people a reason to slow down and engage with the world around them.

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