Standout Design: Unique Store Fixtures in collaboration with Caesarstone and Alessandro Munge Wows Interior Design Show 2022
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When you can create, manufacturer and install interior design that stands out and receives accolades in an environment surrounded by the finest in design, you can safely say you’re at the top of your profession. That was the reaction at this year’s Interior Design Show 2022 (IDS22) to Unique Store Fixtures’ collaboration with Caesarstone Canada in manufacturing and installing the hardware at Caesarstone’s display booth designed by the vision of famed Canadian interior designer Alessandro Munge of award-winning Studio Munge.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2022, luxury quartz brand Caesarstone wanted something special to mark the occasion at this year’s IDS22 and teamed with Munge to unveil eight new nature-inspired designs with Neo Colosso, which featured Caesarstone’s newly launched “Pebbles Collection”. The display manufactured and installed by Unique took visitors through Munge’s whimsical and sensorial journey of earth, art, nature and expression, which had the jaws dropping of both show guests and leading designers alike for its emotion, inventiveness and stunning appearance.

As with any show in a popular venue such as the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, timelines for load-in and setup are extremely tight, and this year was no different, which presented some challenges for the task presented to Unique.

“We had challenges like most years as we had time restraints,” says Ferro Corrente, who is the chief operating officer of Unique Store Fixtures. “We put the booth together in less than four weeks, and we only had four short days to install it. But with Alessandro’s team and Caesarstone and Unique, we overcame a lot of adversity. Caesarstone is always a great client, but Alessandro really put it over the top this year.”

The captivating sensorial immersive experience stood out amongst the many displays at IDS22 and once again demonstrated the talent and creativity that sets Unique part and has made it North America’s premier manufacturer of custom retail environments. It also caught the eye of one of the most internationally respected interior designers in the world.

“A project like this obviously takes a team, and it takes a tremendous amount of commitment,” says Alessandro Munge. “Unique is one of those partners that will take on absolutely anything, and that’s what they’re all about. To imagine that they installed this in just four days is very powerful. They believed in the idea and the message we’re trying to put out in the community. It may look effortless but it’s because of partners like Unique that it feels effortless and that we’re able to enjoy it.”

Already working with leading global luxury brands at Tiffany & Co., Gucci and Bergdorf Goodman in some of the world’s leading retailing destinations, Unique takes a customer-first approach to every assignment, which still creates excitement amongst its 100 full-time craftspeople, engineers and designers.

“The best part for me was seeing the products come through the shop and coming to life at the show,” says Marco Corrente, who is the vice president of new business development for Unique. “We wanted to ensure we captured Alessandro’s and Caesarstone’s vision and brought that to life, and the reactions of the patrons of the show really made it worth it.”

“This is our gift to the design community,” says Yael Goldshmid, senior marketing manager of Caesarstone. “This is Caesarstone, this is who we are, and we are fortunate to be able to showcase that to the design community.”

In-store or in a convention centre, the collaboration with Caesarstone and Alessandro Munge is the latest example of leading retailers and designers turning to Unique to create custom environments that stand out and elevate experiences.


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