Dahua Technology Provides Comprehensive Starlight Camera Portfolio For Low-light Applications

As public security concerns spread across the globe, public areas that lack security during non-business hours are requiring reliable surveillance equipment, one that can combat poor lighting conditions. In response, Dahua Technology, developed “Starlight Technology” with comprehensive camera portfolio including PTZ, IPC and HDCVI to serve various needs of low-light environment.

Equipped with High Light Sensitivity

Compared to traditional video monitoring cameras, Dahua Starlight cameras feature high light sensitivity to provide brighter view under low-light environment. Offering clear image with rich details and ultra-high definition from 1080P to 4K, the Starlight cameras guarantee 24/7 reliable and detailed monitoring of public places such as parking lot, street, campus, store, etc. Besides, the high colour reproduction and longer colour video period enable the probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence.

Able to Perform in Toughest Environment

From Value Starlight to Full-colour, Dahua Starlight family meets both entry-level and high-end needs according to different lighting conditions. While Value Starlight represents cost-efficient solutions for entry-level markets, Starlight, Starlight + and Full colour respectively offer right solutions for common users, critical scenarios and toughest environment with their various performance.

A High-Performance Camera

Starlight camera employs high-performance sensor or large-sized sensor with 1/1.8” or even 4/3” inch dimension to present better light sensitivity. Not only that, large aperture lens instead of conventional lens are utilized to present more vivid and brighter image under low-light environments. The high-performance DSP and advanced image processing properly balances noise reduction and smear suppression while retaining appreciable clarity, which better enhances the Starlight performance. Lastly, proper light compensation, like IR lighting (for B/W image) or LED lighting (for full-colour image) is equipped together with Smart IR or Smart Light technology to present better night view while avoiding overexposure in total dark environment.